Top 5 Tips to Transform Your Living Room Furniture

Tired of your living room style? Don’t worry, read on this blog to get idea.  Designing a living room need not be an expensive affair. You will be amazed at the transformation that your living room can go through by making a few small items out  or just by making some tiny additions.  Furniture is one them. Barely visible changes of them can lead to a stunning living room!

1. Redesign and reconfigure

Living rooms can look uninteresting  after living  in for  some time  and  you will be in desperate need of a do-over. The simplest way, then, is to reconfigure it. Change the position of that sofa, angle that coffee table ever so slightly or arrange and set in a new way. Moving furniture around can be extremely effective in making your living room look more spacious and colorful with no expenditure includes. Top Quality Antique Bedroom Furniture  or Top Quality INDONESIAN Furniture to help various things to do.

one more way to redo your living room is by creating little pockets of space. Choose a corner, set up a comfortable chair with pillows and throws, and position a floor lamp just so. There you are, you might get a reading nook or a tv watching spot! You can have a little hobby corner where you can set small metal furniture, like Modern Design Round Velvet Ottoman Pouf. If you are into activities like knitting or crocheting, playing board games or jigsaw puzzles, and the like, then allocate some exclusive space by ducking off a small side of the room. Arrange it appropriately by setting up a low table or with a footrest.


2. Find unconventional uses for old furniture

If  you are determined to go on a reorganization spree and you are sure to end up decluttering the living room. When you are confused regarding old furniture now, don’t throw them off yet. Give a lick of paints to those furniture made of old wood and give them a lick of paint, fit the chairs with bright cushions and they can be a great colorful addition.

Top Quality small antique gold Table that has taken a drab look now might be taken to be a historical look if taken care minutely. Look carefully at the bottom, sides, and again of the drawer; if the wooden suggests nicks or cuts, it used to be in all likelihood reduce with a plane. Straight noticed marks additionally point out a rare piece of the past.

On the other hand, you can take apart the old furniture and use them for various purposes. A chair, for instance, can be broken down into just the back and the seat, which can be used as shelving for plants or small inexpensive things.

Remove  a breakdown bookshelf and make it, reconstruct  it into the crate-like boxes for toys, as playpens for babies or for pets,  or as a newspaper and magazine stand. This gives a pastoral look to your living room also.

And here’s one of our favorite tips if you have a sideboard or small storage closet that are no longer needed in the living room just turn them into a small bar counter! Fix a kitchen roll holder on the side, put in a new top, and you have a brand new stylish and useful bar counter.

3. Include some plants

Breathing in fresh air is very important for the inmates of the houses. A spot of greenery serve best for infusing the pure air in the house. Add some succulents or cacti or some indoor flowering plants to bring in that refreshing splash of green. You can add some herb pots to expand your kitchen garden.  An attractive, medium-sized terrarium in a mini-glasshouse style would look great too by the side of your nook furniture. Put would a small globe style terrarium that can be hung. You could even dedicate an entire wooden shelf in the room for a row of unusual sort of plants. Sitting on a Modern Stackable Stainless Steel Bistro Chair in front of the greeneries set on the window pane soothes the watchers mind immensely.

4. Mix up the lighting

Altering the position of floor lamps or even the kinds of overhead bulbs lights can have a outstanding effect on the room. Move the floor lamp to a different side of the following the different furniture arrangement  and you will immediately notice that it highlights different aspects of the room. Place it in such a way that they may catch the lighted area that were previously in the shadows before.  This will transform your living room into a fresh and different look.

Blur the bright lighting by installing a dimmer switch. Chose low watt bulbs to give off a soft, warm, and appealing effect. On the other hand, try out one of the app-controlled dimmer light that allow you to change colors to spice up the atmosphere. Sitting on a Top Quality Arm Chair with Foot Rest in front of mood lighting, works wonders in the living rooms with the ability to switch on various hues following situations.

5. Never forget the floor

While lamps and furniture can create a more obvious impact, don’t forget to accentuate to achieve by altering the floor design. Never leave your floor bare, rather adding a rug will give it a structure and turn room more well decorated.